School Visit Drawing Lesson

draw-a-faceHey, kids! Hope you enjoyed my talk. I had a lot of fun and was so impressed by all the great artists! I’ll post a step-by-step of the cartoon face we drew in class if you ask me to. You can click the step-by-step picture above and print it out if you or a friend want it. If you have any questions, email me with the link to the right.


Fool’s Project

Max and monster, Carol, from Where the Wild Things Are in my style. I have been thinking a lot about my productivity as an artist and my desires for my life. I do a lot. I have fun. I do a lot for others. My life is very worthy. But I’m also missing a lot. I have given a lot of thought about what to do about that. So I devised a plan to change my life within the span of one year and to start that plan on April 1st (seriously). I will be posting more art here and writing about the project, what I learn, what I find useful, and how it’s working. The project is pliable so it can change and evolve as I go along – I may add to it or remove from it. The goal is to fulfill my potential as much as possible by this time next year. It’s designed for me in particular but anyone can join in at any time with their own project. So, here it is!

Fool’s Project
By Mike R. Baker
April 1, 2014 – April 1, 2015
The Fool’s Project is a year-long project to actively find happiness, improve life and achieve goals purposefully, consciously, with focus and enthusiasm. The results should be health, love, good work, and gracious living.
This is my manifesto. My rules. My daily reminder. I will begin from here, every day.
“To willingly look the fool is freedom. Only those that strive to never appear the fool are truly foolish.” mike r baker

  • Be the FOOL! Dance in public, even when no one else is. Sing loud, even if it’s off key. Give a smile and a good day to everyone, even it seems to change nothing for them. Be grateful, tip big, and always buy lemonade from children.
  • Make MISTAKES! Fear of mistakes paralyzes. With every mistake made when focused on a goal, you are one step closer to success, as long as you embrace and learn from your mistakes.
  • Kindness and Respect, Always. These are my strengths. The best way for me to achieve happiness and reward is by helping others achieve the same. Everyone is awesome.
  • TIME. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And then more steps. Nothing happens overnight or without effort. Grant yourself time and patience.
  • HEALTH is number one! Exercise daily! Eat smart, drink smart. Keep moving, consciously consume.
  • Organize, Prioritize, Repair, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Remove physical obstacles. De-clutter your environment. Create your creative space. Maintain a healthy atmosphere. Aesthetic plus purpose equals peace.
  • Keep Working, Love your Work! Sketch always, make good art, create, enthuse. Experiment. Praise yourself.
  • RELAX! When indecisive or unfocused, meditate, make tea, make a list, go for a walk, forgive. Then work.
  • Set goals with a deadline that involves an event. “I will paint daily because I have arranged a show on such date.” “I will get in shape because I have planned a backpacking trip on such date.” Work plus deadline to achieve goal equals reward.

So it goes…